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Agnelli,  Anthony P.   Police Officer,  NYPD,  NY,  United States   Police Department

Incident classification: Assault with a knife

Saturday, September 13, 1997 at  1845 hours:

Frequently the IACP/DuPont Kevlar Survivors' Club® becomes aware of a save that happened in the past. Efforts are made to document all known saves. To do so provides historical data that is of value to researchers that study officer survival. This following survival account was initially reported nearly nine years after the incident occurred. We are appreciative when an officer takes the necessary time to share information that may result in protecting another officer from needless disability or death. – IACP/DuPont Officer Anthony P. Agnelli and his partner were working out of the 115th Precinct when they received a radio run to a residence in Jackson Heights, Queens. The call was a family dispute where an assailant had attacked family members with a baseball bat and retreated to an upstairs bedroom. Agnelli made contact with the assailant. Without provocation or warning the assailant attacked using the baseball bat. He then retreated into a closet. The officer moved to extract the suspect from the closet and complete an arrest. Unknown by the officer the suspect had concealed a knife in the closet. When the officer approached, the suspect stabbed Agnelli in the chest with a 6” boning knife. The thrust of the blade was stopped by Agnelli’s ballistic body armor. The suspect then stabbed himself three times in the abdomen. Officer Agnelli disarmed the suspect. The eighteen year old male suspect was taken into custody and transported to an area hospital for treatment of the self inflicted stab wounds. He was held for observation. The suspect had a criminal history for assault. He was charged and convicted for the assault on the family members and Officer Agnelli. Agnelli was transported to an area hospital and treated for a minor laceration. Fortunately his body armor over performed and stopped the stab thrust into Agnelli’s chest. Agnelli was able to return to duty.