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Underwood,  George Alex   Agent,  Columbia,  SC,  United States   Police Department

Incident classification: Assault with a handgun

Tuesday, June 24, 2003 at  0145 hours:

Agent Underwood deployed with other members of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) special weapons and tactics team in response to a request from the Lexington County Sheriff's Department. Responding agents were advised that Officer Leroy Williams, Batesburg-Leesville Police Department, was shot and critically injured, as he and others attempted to serve an arrest warrant. The shooter was barricaded inside a residence. SLED negotiators established contact with the shooter, but were unable to convince him to surrender. After several hours of unsuccessful negotiations, the decision for entry was made. As Agents Underwood and Bishop entered the residence, they encountered the shooter, who fled to the rear of the residence. The two agents pursued, overtook the suspect, and engaged him in a struggle. As the agents attempted to gain control, the shooter used his .40 caliber pistol and made a contact shot to Agent Underwood's left middle torso. The bullet was stopped by Agent Underwood's tactical vest. Agent Underwood returned fire, and the shooter was justifiably killed. Agent Underwood returned to full duty. Batesburg-Leesville Officer Leroy Williams continues his recovery.